About The Program

Mechatronics is a technology combining electronics and mechanical engineering. The word was coined by TetsuraMpro in 1969 to describe the systems which embrace electrical control systems and machines controlled by them. It comprises more than one discipline of scientific studies that collaborates with many branches of engineering. The main application of the mechatronic system is to transform output signals which are obtained by processing the input data gathered from the surroundings and then turning them into useful energy, propulsion, and decisions.

To fulfil sophisticated and continuously evolving trendswhich are aimed to provide security over sensitive data, department of Mechanical Engineering at TCET has introduced B.E. in Mechatronics course. This course will help students to pursue their career in Mechatronics which will help them to possess required skillset to protect valuable, sensitive data and also to predict future vulnerabilities.The multidisciplinary skills and knowledge you’ll gain in a mechatronics engineering technology degree program will give you the solid base you need to solve complex engineering problems. It will also give you a big-picture perspective, flexibility and adaptability — all key components of career success.  The curriculum is designed in such a way that, students will be trained for basic concepts as well as recent technologies of said area.

The basic level syllabus also includes required skillset to perform research in the same field. Advanced concepts include thorough understanding of the cutting-edge technologies, recent tools to become skilled professional in Mechatronics field. The field of mechatronics is hands-on, so it only makes sense that a mechatronics degree program would be hands-on, too.

Objectives of the course 

  • To prepare learners with a strong foundation in mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals for solving engineering problems.

  • To prepare learners to identify, analyze and solve engineering problems related to mechatronics engineering.

  • To enable the learners in building and programming technology systems such as CNC machines, rapid prototyping systems, industrial robotics etc. through interdisciplinary approach.

  • To prepare the learners to use modern tools involving different disciplines of engineering in order to simulate and solve real life problems (especially in domains such as product/process development, automation, real time control etc. )

  • To develop the ability of learners to synthesize data and technical concepts for innovative product design and process automation using concurrent design approach.

Internal Faculty Expertise
Dr. Siddesh Siddappa

Dr. Siddesh Siddappa 

HOD - Mechanical